Speed dating was a lot of fun with NY Minute Dating. My friends and I had a blast and met some wonderful men. I think the 5-minute dating concept is genius. It is long enough to tell whether you would like to get to know more about someone, or not.

Harrietta G, 34 | NY


My friends bought me a speed dating gift certificate for my birthday last year. I just got engaged to Jason this week (who I met at your event), and wanted to let you know that your event worked for me! Thank you!

Marina, 22 | NYC


My friend Jen and I attended your singles party at Hudson Terrace last night. This afternoon, we went on a double date with two of the gentlemen we met there! Thanks!!

Paola, 33 | NJ


I had a great time at your Singles Boat Party. I met a lot of wonderful people. I made a lot of new friends and seeing someone exclusively. Thanks for a great time.

Bruce C, 44 | NYC


I attended your speed dating event and Valentine's singles party at Slate which followed. This was my first experience at a singles event, and I had a wonderful time. I just got an email with my match results, and was very happy to see the guys with whom I matched! Thanks for a wonderful weekend!

Gloria, 25 | NYC


This is definitely better than online dating.

Steven, 28 | NYC


I had a wonderful time at your event. The quality of women was outstanding, and I have a date setup this week with someone I matched with.

Joe, 34 | NY


I actually met someone at your event in October and we're going to be engaged. Thank you!

Louisa, 27 | NYC


A friend and I recently used our tickets to attend an event of yours in the city. We both had a good time at your event. We were skeptical before attending, but we both met great guys at the event that we look forward to spending time with.

Lauren, 32 | NY


I met one of your hosts recently at another social event, and she insisted I try speed dating to meet that special someone. Your event was a lot of fun, and the women were all very pretty and established. It seemed like every woman I met was better than the last. I wonder how many other people like myself have not tried speed dating yet. It's something I think everyone should try out.

Danny, 29 | NYC


I'm moving to New York City next month for work. I drove down from Philly with my brother to try one your speed dating events. It was a great way to meet people and make new friends. I already have dates with some of the women lined up for when I move into town. Thanks for the experience.

Harry, 33 | PA


My daughter Emily loves her new daddy! Thank you NY Minute Dating!

Irina, 31 | Brooklyn


You can finally remove me from your mailing list. I met the greatest woman ever at one of your events last month. Thanks!

Victoria, 33 | Brooklyn


I just got back from a dinner date with a gentleman I met at your speed dating event. It's the first time I have gone out with a man since my divorce was finalized a year ago. He was so sweet and romantic. I'm looking forward to our next date. I just wanted to let you know that I was able to meet someone I liked. All the men were very handsome, and nice to speak with too. But this one really caught my eye and my mind.

Dolores, 55 | NYC


Everything was right…From the sexy singles I met, to the intimate and cozy venue (La Zarza), to the great host (Ed). I look forward to telling my friends about you. I want to try it again!

Samantha, 47 | NY


I’m new to the dating scene after ending a 10+ year relationship. I didn’t think getting back into the dating scene was in the cards for me, at least not for a while. But you proved me completely wrong. Speed dating is a lot of fun and easy, and I think you are doing a fabulous job.

Tommy, 29 | NJ


I’m with a competitor of yours...and signed up to snoop on you, LOL, but I ended up having so much fun. In fact, I got some matches, and was quite amazed and pleased with the great turnout, as well as with your customer service. Thanks!

Harold, 28 | Long Island


I attended your Active & Athletic Singles event a couple of months ago. I’m new to New York (from England), and I want to thank you for introducing me to my new love interest Jaime. I also met a female (Jessica) at the event who I have become good friends with!

Bridgette, 35 | NYC


Where in the world did you find so many quality singles?? Your event was everything you promised. It was well-organized, fun, and I met a couple of single women I look forward to seeing again.

Peter, 34 | Brooklyn


I attended a NY Minute Dating speed dating event last night, and wanted to thank for the quality of people I was introduced to, and to let you know I just emailed all my friends about your events.

Carl, 32 | NYC


I just got my speed dating matches! I love that you sent them so quickly after the event. I’ll let you know how my first date with Matt goes! Thanks!

Margo, 33 | Long Island


I have been to many other speed dating events by other companies, such as [omitted], [omitted], and [omitted], and you are by far the only one that represents NYC the best! You're all invited to my wedding this summer! Thank you NY Minute Dating!!!

Jessica, 32 | NY


I had a great time at your Latino speed dating event last night, and I got some matches. It's great to hear that I was able to spark a lot of people's interest. As a matter of fact I have already told my friends about your site.

Sylvia, 26 | NY


We sure had fun speed dating. It was a fun - and different - way to spend a night in New York for us three Danish girls!

Katrina, 30 | NYC


NY Minute Dating changed my life! I attended an Indian speed dating event last winter with three friends. My match and I began dating soon after, and it has blossomed into a wonderful relationship. We're best friends now, my family loves him, and I cannot imagine life without him. I'm madly in love! I recommend you all the time to everyone!

Esha, 26 | NYC


After trying one of your speed dating events, I would never waste my time with "online dating" again! Meeting people face-to-face for real one-on-one conversation is the best!

Mercedes, 21 | NY


I am a medical school student at Stony Brook University with hardly enough time to go out and meet anyone. Your Asian-American speed dating event made it easy for me to meet not only one woman, but over 20 women in one night! I would come again but my girlfriend would get jealous. She knows how successful your events are, because we met through you!

Danny, 26 | NY


Wow! Thank you very much for having the Russian Speed Dating event! I think it's such a great idea! Much better than on-line dating: less pressure, relaxing atmosphere, live communication, and safe and secure. I believe the Russian community needs NY Minute Dating very much! I know many Russian people like myself that would like to meet someone Russian, but it's difficult to find a match. Please continue your great effort! I wish you a big success!

Misha, 36 | NY


I attended your Jewish speed dating event last night. I have gone to many Jewish singles parties and events but never have I met such beautiful, sweet, educated Jewish gals in my 42 years. Trust me, they didn’t make them like that before!! The Russian, Ukrainian, Israeli, and French gals, oh my g-d, also the American born gals looked great, and they were so nice, smart, and fun too. Was I on another planet??

Kevin, 42 | NY


I've only known Rachel for 6 months through NY Minute Dating. We recently got married and have a baby on the way! I'll send you pictures!

Anthony, 35 | NY


When it comes to men I am picky, I have been to parties, clubs, and have even tried online dating network sites. But profiles are so deceptive. Speed dating allowed me to meet a wide variety of men face to face in a safe, comfortable setting. I was able to choose right away who I was interested in and it worked! I've been dating Jonathan for over one year now!

April 24, 34 | NY


I was kind of nervous when I signed up for your speed dating event. But I am glad I mustered the courage and showed up. I met so many beautiful single women that day!! And dating Lisa D. for the past 7 months has been really exciting. To think, it all started with a 5-minute date!

Alex, 29 | Queens


Your staff was so nice, and your customer service responded to all my questions right away. Best of all, your speed dating event was the most fun I have had since college. I am glad I chose to come to your speed dating event. I had a lot of fun and had two matches! I have a date with one this weekend!!! Thanks!

Paul, 25 | NYC


Your speed dating event was wonderful. I met lots of single guys, and finally found someone special. Jerry is absolutely handsome, has a great personality, and I couldn't have met him without you! Every time I look into his blue eyes, I feel like the luckiest woman alive!!!

Cheryl, 26 | NYC


Your event was great! It would normally take me over one year (or even two years) to meet as many single women as you introduced me to in one night. I can't think of a better way to bring us single, busy professionals together in New York. NY Minute Dating is phenomenal. Thanks!

Peter Lee, 46 | Queens


I've tried everything else, and your events really work! I went to your event with three friends, and we all met our girlfriends through you!

Anthony, 31 | Long Island